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Most people know which sun sign they were born under and may even have noticed or read the astrology columns in newspapers and magazines.  Typically the next thoughts are: how can this text apply to everyone born under a particular sign?


Until I studied astrology seriously, I had not realized how many other factors are taken into account in drawing up and interpreting an individual birth chart.  At the beginning of my journey, I thought about the turning points in my life and then, restrospectively, looked at the astrological picture at those particular times and discovered how well it all fitted together.  Working with clients for nearly fifteen years has deepened my understanding of this rich and complex subject.


Many other more philosophical questions can arise such as:


  • How can astrology work?

  • If astrology is true, does that mean that our lives are fated?

  • What about free will and taking full responsibility for our lives?

  • Why am I here?


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